Spring Clean Your CV With These 3 Useful Tips!

Spring Clean Your CV With These 3 Useful Tips!

It’s that time of year when you start spring cleaning around your house, but why not Spring Clean Your CV? It is always good practice to edit your CV as you go along, or every year to make it shine and stand-out. Luckily for you, we have three hidden secrets that will bring your CV back to life.

Get rid of out-of-date items

If you are a seasoned professional, there is no need for you to include entry-level positions or internships that you completed over 10 years ago.

You should always keep your CV relevant with information that is up-to-date and renewed with the changing environment. Some examples that might require focus include:

  • Technical Proficiencies
  • Work Experience
  • Certifications (which require renewal), awards and memberships
  • Old Licences

Delete any software or training that is no longer in use or that you haven’t kept updated. Remove any old licences and avoid elaborating on any experience that is more than 15 years old.

Emphasise Noteworthy Experience / Projects

If you have experience in high-profile companies that is over 15 years old, but you still wish to include it on your CV, you can do so by adding ‘Additional Experience’. All you have to do is delete all job descriptions, dates and locations, leaving only the job title and company. This can take many formats but you can represent the information like this:

Additional work experience as Operations Manager with Abbott Ireland and Procurement Specialist with Intel

Alternatively, you can take out some notable achievements from within your job descriptions and include them at the beginning of your CV under ‘Major Accomplishments’ (or other titles that you prefer).

Always Update Your Current Position

Recently promoted within your company? Overlooking an important project? Always include these achievements as you go along. Keep the information as fresh on paper as it is happening. That way, when re-writing the content you won’t omit any vital information that will boost your ability. This also applies to your skills set. As you progress, your capabilities do too. Replace old or generic skills with more eye-catching keywords.

What Next?

Don’t wait until you start looking for a change of career or a job to update your CV. You might not have time to freshen up the document before a job opportunity comes along. Every 3 – 4 months you should look over your CV and take steps to keep it updated.

Always remember that a little effort and CV help can go a long way.

Need more CV tips? Contact one of our CV Writers today!

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