Choose your Path…. Don’t Hold on to Regrets…

Choose your Path…. Don’t Hold on to Regrets…

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball where you are faced with a fork in the road. Both directions will lead you to your end goal, but whichever road you take, you may find yourself regretting the decision.

In one instance, I was offered a job in Dublin working in HR. At the time I had just graduated from my Masters and was hesitant to accept. Maybe it was because I was worried about the salary and whether I could pay rent, or maybe it was because I wanted something closer to home. Who knows! What I do know is that due to my hesitance, the job was given to someone else.

I regretted that decision for a long time. So much so that I didn’t see the potential within me that was waiting to be released!

I soon realised that in order to succeed, you have to look FORWARD to where you want to be and leave your regrets BEHIND.

You see, I had an interest in both HR and Marketing and found it difficult to choose decisively between them. So, I took the initiative and accepted a job in Marketing, then Digital Marketing, then HR and then Web Development.

Ultimately, the skills I gained from each of these positions aided in driving my own ambition to become an entrepreneur.

Like these balloons, opportunities are plentiful. I transferred the skills gained in each of these positions to help me build and develop my business.


As a result of my initial regret, I have grown to become a highly versatile individual, capable of understanding the core concepts of each function and transforming them into something that I can master. While I have a long way to go yet, my ambitions will lead me to something far greater.

Don’t dwell on what you MIGHT have achieved, and focus on what you can BECOME!

This article was written by Lorraine Mc Guinness. You can read more of her articles here.

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