5 Tips to Achieve the Best CV Format

5 Tips to Achieve the Best CV Format

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When spring cleaning your CV it is important that you choose an appealing CV format. You could add some colour to the fonts or strengthen your content with some industry buzzwords / action verbs, but the layout of your CV is rather important. Here are 5 Tips to Achieve the Best CV Format…..

Paragraphs & Bullet Points

You can emphasise content greater with the use of bullet points to highlight key achievements or projects that you were a part of. Change the type of bullet that you use to portray your creativity. You don’t have to necessarily list all the duties that you performed, instead you can use a mixture of paragraphs and bullet points to get your point across.

Tables & Columns

You can add tables or columns to your CV, particularly if you are trying to reduce the space. The best place to have this formatting is when discussing your skills or areas of expertise.

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Margins & Spacing

It is important not to waste space on your CV. Your CV should, ideally, be 2 pages in length with about three lines for your name and address and three for contact information. You can adjust the line spacing between sentences or change the margins to give you more or less space on your CV.

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