Step 1: Professional Profile

Step 1: Professional Profile

Before you can write your Professional Profile (or Summary), you need to understand all the elements. A profile should:

      1. Be 4 – 5 lines on the page (don’t mix this up with sentences)
      2. CLEARLY position you (as to what you do) or the direction you want to go in (if changing career). This will help focus the content of the CV.

    1. SHOW not TELL – Basically, you need to write a mini cover letter referencing the amount of experience you’ve gained and how you used that experience to complete certain tasks.
    2. Emphasise the VALUE you can bring – WHY should employers hire you? Is it because you can increase efficiency, raise awareness or boost productivity?

Your profile should be a short, but concise snippet of your abilities. By combining these elements you are telling a short story about your journey and the next step in that journey.  Combine professional and personable qualities in this section, as you want to SHOW that you can be a leader, take charge of projects or work with a team to exceed targets. To help, here is an example,which is tailored for Project Manager positions:

‘An ambitious, analytical and dynamic _______ _________ who possesses over ____years of proven experience interpreting project scopes, maintaining budgets and completing milestones within deadlines in ______ _______ industries. Known for applying methodologies to successfully guide contracts from initial design through to final acceptance stages; an innate ability to monitor expenditures and troubleshoot issues to minimise delays. Proficient at enforcing EHS policies to mitigate risks and safeguard team members from hazards; communicative and personable, capable of building and strengthening meaningful relationships’

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