Step 2: Skills

Step 2: Skills

CVs are constantly changing. Constantly evolving to keep up with the digital age. As such, to ensure that your CV stands out, employers use ATS software to locate keywords and phrases necessary for the job.

‘What is ATS?’

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is used by employers or recruiters to screen potential candidates, comparing what’s written in the CV against the job description. Each skill, verb, phrases are weighed and placed into pre-determined categories.

‘Why are skills important?’

Not only do they help strengthen your profile, they also provide you with the confidence in your abilities or experiences. They allow YOU to emphasise key areas of expertise through keywords, but, also your personable nature.

This is what we call Hard or Soft Skills.

‘What’s the difference?’

Hard skills – These are skills that that you can improve on through studying, sitting exams or gaining a degree/certification.

Soft skills – portray your own personal abilities i.e. communication, relationship building etc.

‘How to know what Skills to include?’

Really, this is dependent on the job itself. Ideally, list 9 key skills – 3×3 on the page – that include a mixture of Hard and Soft skills, and that you only need to tailor maybe 3 or 4 for each position. Skills like ‘Interpersonal Relationship Building’, ‘Team Collaboration’, ‘Leadership & Training’ etc., would apply to any position you are going for (provided that you have leadership experience).

There are many, many skills to choose from. Pick out key points from the description then look at your experience. The keywords will then flow.

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