Step 3: Education

Step 3: Education

Due to the development and shift of CVs, many employers value the level of your education in different ways. This means that its placement on your CV doesn’t have to be on the first page. Not anymore. So, what is the correct way to represent your education?

‘Are you a Graduate?’

If you are a recent graduate, within 2 years, then it would be beneficial to place your education on the first page. This is to emphasise that the knowledge gained is fresh and that you have academic experience in the field you are applying for. It is recommended that your education would come AFTER Personal Profile and Skills.

‘What to Include?’

This section is rather diverse. Not only can you include your third level qualifications, you can also include any in-house training or certifications earned over the years. If any of these require renewal (and haven’t been) or are older than 10 years, then remove them from your CV.

‘Mention your Dissertations or Modules’

If you completed third level education, it will be beneficial to show what you studied (if recent graduate) by listing modules that relate directly to the job applying for. In addition, simply stating the title of your dissertation / thesis, will allow for a talking point in an interview.

‘Remove Redundant Information’

If you progressed to third level, and completed the course, you no longer need to include your Leaving Certificate. This does depend on your age too as you might want to showcase your points gained for graduate programmes. However, if you have 20 + years of experience, on top of your education, your Leaving Cert, Junior (Inter) Cert are no longer valuable.

‘Professional Affiliations’

If you are, or were, a member of a professional body, you can include this underneath your education section as a sub-heading. Simply list the name of the organisation, the level of membership and the length of time you are / were a member. Be sure to type out the name of the organisation in full i.e. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Side note: If you do include more than second or third level education, make sure to change the title of the section to either: ‘Education & Training’, ‘Education & Qualifications’, ‘Education & Certifications’.

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