Promote Yourself Online in 5 Easy Steps…

Promote Yourself Online in 5 Easy Steps…


In this new technological age, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using all mediums available to promote yourself online when job searching. This doesn’t mean that you should ask for jobs on Snapchat or Instagram, rather set-up a LinkedIn profile where you will get headhunted.

How to Get Started

Many people simply create a LinkedIn profile and then leave it with little information for employers. This is simply not good enough and there are 5 ways you can hit the ground running:

  1. Get a Profile Picture

  2. This is not a selfie or an image you pull from other social media. It is a picture that captures your face and is professional.

  3. Include a Summary

  4. Like a CV, your summary sets the scene for employers reading your profile. This can be longer and can include your personality. Add a bit of flair, but make sure it focuses on what you want to do, what you can bring and how you can add value to companies.

  5. List your Experiences

  6. Your LinkedIn profile adds your personality and you can reflect this through your experiences. Highlight some notable achievements and skills that you learned. It doesn’t have to be as direct as your CV, but makes sure it includes some buzzwords and keywords that will come up as search terms.

  7. Include Media

  8. If you have links to websites, projects, articles etc. that you were involved with, attach them to the related experience or education. This provides a greater overview of what you accomplished to employers.

  9. Use Keywords

  10. This point should be illustrated throughout your profile and, in particular, in your Skills section. Use keywords that will boost your profile while focusing on your strengths.

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