Step 3: Don’t Forget the Rest!

Step 3: Don’t Forget the Rest!

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile - CV Tips and Tricks

A LinkedIn profile is never complete until you’ve included additional information that will significantly increase your visibility online.

Update your Education & Certifications

This is your opportunity to include your 3rd level education. These would include Diplomas, Degrees, Master Degrees and PhDs. Note that if you have any qualifications i.e. Child Protection, First Aid etc. then you include these under the ‘Certifications’ section of the profile.

Promote Your Accomplishments

Completed a prestigious project? Written an interesting piece of work?

You can update your profile to represent a variety of accomplishments gained throughout your career including Honours & Awards, Projects, Publications, Languages and Professional Organisations. This is a great way to provide an insight into the contributions made within the industry or for the company and the recognition you received.

Not to mention, this section will allow you to show your personal interest or professional development by learning new languages or joining professional bodies.

Don’t Forget your Skills!

This section, like in a CV, is an important aspect of your profile. Usually keywords you can include up to 50 strengths that define you and what you can do. They can be professional and personal and a healthy combination of both will help to develop a persona of who you are.

This section will also play a vital role in optimising your profile for specific search terms.

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