Step 2: Showcase Your Experience

Step 2: Showcase Your Experience

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile - CV Tips and Tricks

When employers search online, they want to know more about who you are and what you can bring to their company. It is the difference between them inviting you to connect to have a chat and overlooking your achievements for someone else.

Keep it Personable

The key difference between LinkedIn and your CV is the language used when describing your experiences. There is no set structure here, as some might list their achievements or others may tell a story. Remember that you can use pronouns and personable.

Focus, Focus, Focus

It is easy to ramble when talking about your experiences, so it’s best to remember that this profile is online. Focus the content to incorporate keywords and phrases, and choose aspects from your role that will highlight your value.

Include Details

Many companies have pages on LinkedIn, that when clicked from your profile, will be redirected. Not only will this provide a backlink, it will boost the credibility of the role your performed. Don’t couple your title under a generic heading, but be specific. You want to be noticed, and keywords are important.

Get Creative with Graphical Elements

Again, don’t be afraid to use graphical elements to emphasise achievements or break up content. Some examples include: ✔, », ♦, ✰, ❖

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