Step 1: Improve your Summary- Stand Out from the Crowd

Step 1: Improve your Summary- Stand Out from the Crowd

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile - CV Tips and Tricks

The first, and possibly, most important part of your LinkedIn profile is the summary. Similarly to your CV, this acts as a cover letter which showcases your skills and abilities. It is your opportunity to be personable and approachable – the language a little warmer than what’s present in the CV. Don’t be afraid to boast about your achievements, include contact information or promote yourself with punch language.

What do you Write?

The summary reflects aspects of the profile present in your CV. Here, you tell the story and emphasise what you are great at, how you can add value and how to get in touch. Each summary shouldn’t be longer than 2,000 characters.

Include Keywords

Your LinkedIn profile is, online. The more keywords you can include that relate to the industry or position, the better you will rank for search terms. Don’t overload this section, rather, think strategically of the direction you’d like to go in.

Get Creative with Graphical Elements

There are certain emojis, icons etc. that LinkedIn will accept, so to add some creative flair (or draw the attention of readers), don’t be afraid to shower your summary with some imagery. For example:

📱 +353 (0) 87 123 4567

Update your Headline and Profile Picture

Your headline allows employers, at first glance, understand the industry or position that you are either targeting or are currently employed. Since only your name, profile picture and headline appear in search results, it is important to update this along with your summary. Your profile picture shouldn’t be a selfie, but an image that is either professional or approachable.

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