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Step 3: Don’t Forget the Rest!

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile - CV Tips and Tricks

A LinkedIn profile is never complete until you’ve included additional information that will significantly increase your visibility online.

Update your Education & Certifications

This is your opportunity to include your 3rd level education. These would include Diplomas, Degrees, Master Degrees and PhDs. Note that if you have any qualifications i.e. Child Protection, First Aid etc. then you include these under the ‘Certifications’ section of the profile. Read More

Step 2: Showcase Your Experience

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile - CV Tips and Tricks

When employers search online, they want to know more about who you are and what you can bring to their company. It is the difference between them inviting you to connect to have a chat and overlooking your achievements for someone else.

Keep it Personable

The key difference between LinkedIn and your CV is the language used when describing your experiences. Read More

Step 1: Improve your Summary- Stand Out from the Crowd

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile - CV Tips and Tricks

The first, and possibly, most important part of your LinkedIn profile is the summary. Similarly to your CV, this acts as a cover letter which showcases your skills and abilities. It is your opportunity to be personable and approachable – the language a little warmer than what’s present in the CV. Don’t be afraid to boast about your achievements, include contact information or promote yourself with punch language.

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