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At CV Tips and Tricks, we are dedicated to providing your with the best CV writing service in Sligo and all of Ireland. As such, we have created the best CV writing service money can buy.

Best CV Writing Service in Sligo…

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What Is The Best CV Font for Your CV?

When writing your CV it can often look and feel unprofessional. This might be due to the content, but rather the CV font and colours that you use. We will highlight some fonts that many CV writers use when creating their CVs as well as the option to include colours to give your CV a little ‘kick’.

CV Font Styles

There are many different font styles that can be utilised to accurately reflect your experiences, skills and education to employers. However, not all of them are considered suitable.


This is the default Microsoft Word font, since it is considered a universally readable font. This font renders well on computer screens and can be resized effectively to create a perfect 2-page CV.

sample calibri CV font - CV Tips and Tricks


This is an old style font that can be used for CVs that have a lot of content and is spilling onto 3 pages. It is polished, elegant and reads well.

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Can I Add Pokémaster To My CV?

Pokemon GO - CV Tips and Tricks

The latest craze to hit the world is Pokémon GO. For those living under a rock, it is an AR experience mobile-based videogame where you can literally catch Pokémon.

From Pokéstops and Gyms to hatching eggs as you move, Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. But, there is still one question that people ask:

Can I add Pokémaster to my CV?

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CV Cover Letter – What To Know

CV Cover Letter - CV Tips and Tricks

When applying for any job it is important to remember that a CV is usually not enough for employers to consider you for an interview. As such, it is vital to include a CV Cover Letter to accompany the document.

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is the first page of your CV. It is not an addition, rather a letter to the employer to entice them to read your CV. Therefore, it is important that you write a cover letter that is appealing and not one sentence like: “Enclosed you will find my CV”

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Achieving An Effective CV Template

Achieving An Effective CV Template - CV Tips and Tricks

In the previous blog post, How To Write A Good CV, there was mention of optimising your CV to achieve an effective CV Template to get the best results by using the correct Industry Buzzwords. Well, you’re in luck as this blog will help you choose the right language to effectively promote all your experience within the CV Design:

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How To Write A Good CV

How To Write A Good CV - CV Tips and Tricks

In my previous article, 5 mistakes made on a CV, I highlighted some important points that you should avoid, if possible when writing a CV. This article will address how to write a good CV in order to make it stand out and utilise the best CV design.

1. CV Design

The first step to creating an effective CV template is to choose the right CV design. Make sure to choose one that suits your industry, showcases your personality and reflects your skills.

2.  Personal Information

Every CV sample should include some personal information, most importantly your name, address, email and contact number. Anything else should be omitted i.e. age, date of birth etc, unless otherwise stated. If you are younger than 18, you MUST include your date of birth.

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STAR Method For Interviews

For many jobs, you have to undergo the interview process. Depending on the company the process can range from one interview to three or four – each with their own purpose. As such, the majority of questions asked will be around how you handle specific situations. These are known as behavioural or competency based questions. The most effective way to answers these questions is by using the STAR method.

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Why You Should Use Linkedin

Linkedin was launched in 2003 and since then has grown to be the ‘World’s Largest Professional Network’. As a social network it acts similar to Facebook whereby you have a profile, you can create groups and connect with other professionals in your industry. However, it is a social network that is often overlooked.

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5 Mistakes Made on a CV

CV Format and Cover Letter - CV Tips and Tricks

CV Writing……. is such a pain at times. Especially when you have to tailor and change specific items for specific jobs that you are applying for.  To prevent undue stress, here are some ‘mistakes’ that people might place on their CV:

1. Including your DOB and postal address – Believe it or not, employers who see your real age or where you are currently living may not consider you for interview. At first glance, they will dismiss your application because you are too young or live too far away.

2. Putting in ALL your experience – Don’t clutter your CV. Only put in experience related to the position you are applying for. This only applies to people with more than 3 jobs in their lifetime. Use Linkedin for the additional experience, not your CV.

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Common Questions Asked in an Interview

It comes to no surprise that when you go into an interview, all prepared for those tough competency based questions that, at times, you are caught off guard. Not by the questions that you so desperately prepared for, but, rather those simpler and less complicated questions. The easy ones that people tend to forget about.

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