Spring Clean Your CV With These 3 Useful Tips!

It’s that time of year when you start spring cleaning around your house, but why not Spring Clean Your CV? It is always good practice to edit your CV as you go along, or every year to make it shine and stand-out. Luckily for you, we have three hidden secrets that will bring your CV back to life.

Get rid of out-of-date items

If you are a seasoned professional, there is no need for you to include entry-level positions or internships that you completed over 10 years ago.

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Step 4: Experience

Your work experience is the most important part of your CV. It showcases your career to date, the skills earned, and the level of expertise you’ve gained in different industries. But, how do you portray this information without a) repeating yourself or b) keeping it relevant?

‘Before you get started, list out your experiences’

Without elaborating on your duties, simply list what you’ve done to date. If you can’t remember the exact date, stating the year will suffice. Once you have an order (most recent first), then you can begin writing your duties. Read More

Step 3: Education

Due to the development and shift of CVs, many employers value the level of your education in different ways. This means that its placement on your CV doesn’t have to be on the first page. Not anymore. So, what is the correct way to represent your education?

‘Are you a Graduate?’

If you are a recent graduate, within 2 years, then it would be beneficial to place your education on the first page. This is to emphasise that the knowledge gained is fresh and that you have academic experience in the field you are applying for. It is recommended that your education would come AFTER Personal Profile and Skills.
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Step 2: Skills

CVs are constantly changing. Constantly evolving to keep up with the digital age. As such, to ensure that your CV stands out, employers use ATS software to locate keywords and phrases necessary for the job.

‘What is ATS?’

ATS or Applicant Tracking System is used by employers or recruiters to screen potential candidates, comparing what’s written in the CV against the job description. Each skill, verb, phrases are weighed and placed into pre-determined categories. Read More

Step 1: Professional Profile

Before you can write your Professional Profile (or Summary), you need to understand all the elements. A profile should:

      1. Be 4 – 5 lines on the page (don’t mix this up with sentences)
      2. CLEARLY position you (as to what you do) or the direction you want to go in (if changing career). This will help focus the content of the CV.

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Fail to Prepare… Prepare to Fail

Just as the title of this article suggests, if you fail to prepare for your upcoming interview, you might find yourself in troubled waters. To help you, we have put together some pointers that will prove useful:

Research the Company

Visit the company’s website (if they have one) and note some important changes i.e. new branch openings, acquisitions etc. Use these as reasons to join the company and relate them to your own experiences.
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Choose your Path…. Don’t Hold on to Regrets…

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball where you are faced with a fork in the road. Both directions will lead you to your end goal, but whichever road you take, you may find yourself regretting the decision.

In one instance, I was offered a job in Dublin working in HR. At the time I had just graduated from my Masters and was hesitant to accept. Maybe it was because I was worried about the salary and whether I could pay rent, or maybe it was because I wanted something closer to home. Who knows! What I do know is that due to my hesitance, the job was given to someone else. Read More

5 Tips to Achieve the Best CV Format

Best CV Format Service - CV Tips and Tricks

When spring cleaning your CV it is important that you choose an appealing CV format. You could add some colour to the fonts or strengthen your content with some industry buzzwords / action verbs, but the layout of your CV is rather important. Here are 5 Tips to Achieve the Best CV Format…..

Paragraphs & Bullet Points

You can emphasise content greater with the use of bullet points to highlight key achievements or projects that you were a part of. Change the type of bullet that you use to portray your creativity. You don’t have to necessarily list all the duties that you performed, instead you can use a mixture of paragraphs and bullet points to get your point across.

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5 Tips To Achieve The Best CV Format (Part 2)

Best CV Format Service - CV Tips and Tricks

Shorten sentences

Don’t have long winded sentences throughout your CV, but, don’t shorten them too much to one or two words. Be short, accurate and to the point. For example:

Took over the management duties of the department when the Supervisor was away on holidays

This can be shortened to:

Coordinated management activities for the Supervisor in his absence

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3 Common CV Mistakes

3 Common CV Mistakes

It’s the dreaded time where you have to update or write your CV. But, did you know there are 3 Common CV Mistakes that everyone makes?

Content Placement

Where you position your experiences or education can have a serious impact on how employers perceive you and your ability. Make sure to strategically place content on your CV to draw the reader’s attention.
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