Impress Employers with this 6 Step Guide to Interviews…..

Impress Employers with this 6 Step Guide to Interviews…..

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After submitting your application, you get asked to an interview. You are thrilled but then you become nervous – especially if you are out of practice. We have put together 6 of the best interview tips that will help you prepare for your upcoming interview.

1. Dress Accordingly

You should always dress according to the job that you are applying to. That doesn’t mean that you should turn up in shorts and sunglasses, but rather you should always ‘dress to impress’. Normally the dress code is stated.

2. Bring Notes

If you have any additional information that you want to show the interview panel, bring that with you. If you have made edits to your CV, be sure to give the updated version to the panel. Only show documents like transcripts and certifications if you are asked. There is no point overloading the panel with information when they want to speak with you.

3. Body Language

It is important that when you enter the interview room that you greet the panel by shaking their hands and remembering their names. Make eye contact with everyone on the panel and smile occasionally. This will, surprisingly, put yourself at ease and make the panel comfortable.

4. Don’t fidget

It is often difficult to hide your nerves in an interview, but you should try to avoid fidgeting with paper, pens, jewellery etc. If you are fidgeting you are not focusing on the question and providing the answer the interviewers are looking for. Instead, use your hands to express yourself or keep your hands clasped in front of you.

5. Know your CV

Often the most common question asked: “Tell me about yourself…” or “Bring me through your CV…” can cause many people to stumble – particularly if you forget what you wrote on it. There is nothing wrong with having a copy in front of you as a reference, but it is better to simply talk about your education, work experience and why you went down the path you are currently on. NEVER lie on your CV as you will be caught out at an interview.

6. Prepare

Find out information about the company that you are applying for, practice some competency questions and use some industry buzzwords to help with your interview.

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