Use your STAR quality to shine at Interviews

Use your STAR quality to shine at Interviews

When you sit at an interview, you have a very vague idea of the type of questions that will be asked, but the problem begins when you are asked a competency question. Master the STAR technique and you will really shine!

Competency questions make up a significant part of most interviews and they enable employers to assess the level of experience you actually have. They can be asked in many different ways and normally relate to the job in some way, shape or form. Thankfully, there is a tried and tested technique you can use to overcome these situations:

The STAR Technique


This step-by-step technique will allow you to answer each question in a manner that really showcases your skills and what you did. Often the types of questions that will require this technique are:

  • “Tell me about a time when…..”
  • “Describe a situation where……”
  • “Have you ever experienced a time when…..”

Listen carefully to the question being asked as it will inform your answer.

When in an interview, you should always keep the answers personable. When explaining the task, if team orientated, you can mention that you were part of the team but focus exactly on what YOU contributed to achieve the end result. You have to SHOW your ability to carry out the tasks highlighted in the job description.

Be Prepared!

You should always prepare before an interview and, in particular, for competency based questions. Have a look through your experiences and compare with the job description. If they are looking for Project Management skills then be sure to choose an example that illustrates your time management, prioritising, delegation and communication skills (as these are also implied)

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