What Is The Best CV Font for Your CV?

What Is The Best CV Font for Your CV?

When writing your CV it can often look and feel unprofessional. This might be due to the content, but rather the CV font and colours that you use. We will highlight some fonts that many CV writers use when creating their CVs as well as the option to include colours to give your CV a little ‘kick’.

CV Font Styles

There are many different font styles that can be utilised to accurately reflect your experiences, skills and education to employers. However, not all of them are considered suitable.


This is the default Microsoft Word font, since it is considered a universally readable font. This font renders well on computer screens and can be resized effectively to create a perfect 2-page CV.

sample calibri CV font - CV Tips and Tricks


This is an old style font that can be used for CVs that have a lot of content and is spilling onto 3 pages. It is polished, elegant and reads well.

sample Garamond CV font - CV Tips and Tricks


This font can be used in place of Times New Roman. It is clear and is often used when writing a more traditional CV. It is available on almost any computer and is easy to read.

sample Georgia CV font - CV Tips and Tricks


This font is fondly used by graphic designers and typographers. It is a professional and elegant font and should be considered when writing your CV. This font is available to Mac users, but those on Windows will need to download and upload the font to Word.

sample Helvetica CV font - CV Tips and Tricks

Book Antiqua

This font is similar to Garamond as it has an ‘old time’ feel to it. It is easy to read and can be widely used on many CVs.

sample Book Antiqua CV font - CV Tips and Tricks

As a CV Writer, I would look at the amount of content that is being presented on the CV. If the content spills onto a 3rd page, consider using Garamond or Book Antiqua, since the font is smaller than Calibri or Georgia.

How Do I Know Which Font Is The Right One?

You don’t! There is no right or wrong font to use. There are many fonts styles that CV Writers choose to write your CV. If you don’t like it. Change it.

CV Font Size

It can be difficult to know what size of font to use when writing your CV. Often if you choose Calibri, the font is set at 11 points. Sometimes, the font size can affect the length of a CV – which is dependent on the font style.

It is recommended that when writing a CV, no matter what font style you use, are as follows:

  • Main Body: Between 10 and 12 points
  • Main Headings: Between 14 and 16 points
  • Sub-Headings: Between 12 and 14 points

Now, these are only recommendations. Use your better judgement to decide what size to use for the main body and headings.

CV Font Colours

It can be a misconception that a CV should have one colour running throughout – that colour being black. This is why knowing what job you are applying for and the CV Template is important. A creative CV will allow for greater freedom of expression with colours and layout compared to a professional CV.

Main Body

When writing the main body of your CV i.e. work experience, personal summary etc., you should consider a neutral colour that is easy to read, but still eye catching.

main-body CV Colour - CV Tips and Tricks


To highlight the segments of your CV, you can either add some formatting like Bold or you can change the colour for more emphasis.

heading cv colour - CV Tips and Tricks

Top Tips

  • Use one font style throughout the entire CV – DO NOT have different fonts for different segments
  • Keep colours consistent. If you choose to bold all headings, bold ALL headings
  • Do not use colours that will be difficult to read. Reds, Yellows, Greens should be avoided
  • Keep font sizes consistent. If the main body is 10 points, ensure that all the content is 10 points (minus headings)
  • Consistency is VITAL when writing your CV
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