7 Useful Tips for Writing a CV (Part 2)

7 Useful Tips for Writing a CV (Part 2)

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Keep length to 2 pages

If you have a lot of experience, you don’t need to have everything on your CV. Only include relevant and recent information to grab the employer’s attention. Depending on the position, keep the length to 2 pages. If you do have valuable project experience or director-level expertise, you can consider expanding the content to 3 pages.

Make it relevant

A CV should explain your experience, but if you are targeting a particular position where you have little experience, you can make the CV relevant by including this first under your work experience. That way, the information won’t get lost and it will be the first thing an employer will read.

Include a Cover Letter

For any position, it is important to include a cover letter with your CV. This letter highlights some important achievements that you earned throughout your work experience, focuses on certain skills you have and gives the employer a brief introduction into who you are and what you can bring to the company.

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