7 Useful Tips for Writing a CV

7 Useful Tips for Writing a CV

Writing a CV - CV Tips And Tricks

In a previous blog post we mentioned how you can Design your CV with ways to make your CV stand out. But, how do you go about writing a CV?

Always update your CV

Keep the content in your CV as fresh and recent as you can to make sure that you are including as much of your professional experience as possible. This doesn’t mean that you list every single position that you ever worked in. Any experience that is more than 10 – 15 years old can be included as a Career Note.

Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

Never rely on spell check to review your documents and the words you use. You should always check for spelling or grammatical mistakes either by reading the content out loud or by having someone else read the information for you. ALWAYS review your contact details, especially your phone number and email address.

Begin Your Career

Don’t be afraid of self-promotion

Your CV is your chance to showcase your full potential. If you achieved something, say it. Show numbers and figures to really emphasise your contributions to the companies you worked for. A CV is designed to show, not only your professional qualities but also, your personal qualities too. Use it to your advantage!

Never Lie

There is nothing worse than being caught out at an interview over something that you said in your CV. If you are exaggerating your experience, then the employer will pick up on that. Be careful. Always tell the truth….

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